January 2016

Tips on How to create a Video Case Study

Video case studies are one of the newest, most popular and, in many cases, most potent forms of marketing and branding. They add authenticity to any marketing campaign as their message, in most cases, is coming from customers and not directly from your sales team or marketing department.

They also visually highlight unique features and advantages that your products and services offer (rather than just telling them) and, if done well, can be quite engaging and entertaining, both of which will increase the public’s affinity for your brand.

If you’re considering using video case studies, here are several Tips to keep in mind during the creative process. 

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Explainer Videos – An engaging, potent marketing tool

Here at DivineDesign one of the services we provide is creating Explainer Videos for our clients. While the name might seem self-explanatory (no pun intended) many people don’t realize how an explainer video works, or what purpose it serves.

Simply put, an explainer video explains something about your business using a combination of words, pictures, animations, photographs and illustrations, all recorded on video. 

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