February 2016

Using Social Media to Brand your Business as the Leading Industry Resource

Many business owners still don’t really know how to use Social Media to build, brand and create an affinity for their business. The truth is, there’s so much about social media, and so many ways that it can be used, but it can be a little bit overwhelming. That being said, there’s one way to use social media that’s excellent for practically any type of business and, even better, will increase the affinity that business has among consumers and help to brand it as the “go to” source for information about their particular industry, product or service.

What we’re referring to is using social media to become a resource that people can rely on when they need information about something specific or, depending on what your business does, something general or something in between.

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What are Multi-Touch Campaigns and why are they so much better than Single-Touch?

When it comes to marketing, no matter what type of product or service you’re selling, the most important task that needs to be accomplished is reaching the end-consumer and convincing them to make a purchase. Reaching the consumer is called a “touch” and traditionally has been accomplished using media like TV, radio and newspapers.

In the last couple of decades that has changed drastically of course. The Internet has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, e-mail and text message marketing have as well, and social media has also become quite popular and potent.

Reaching out and contacting customers has thus never been easier, but many business owners are still confused and frustrated when they reach out using, for example, an e-mail “blast”, only to find that their results aren’t nearly as good as they thought they would be.

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