March 2016

Direct vs. Digital Marketing: Why Both are Winning Strategies

If you’re old enough to remember receiving a piece of mail 20 years ago, perhaps a special card from your grandmother or a letter from a friend, do you remember how that felt? Pretty good, right? Today, you might receive the same letter as an email online, and even your grandmother might be contacting you via social media or email. Digital marketing has really changed the industry, but old school marketing tactics still have their place. Even receiving a direct ad or catalog via mail these days is a more “quaint” experience—and your customers will take more notice than they would have 20 years ago.

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Digital Marketing and the Mobile Revolution

Think the digital marketing mobile revolution isn’t as important to B2B marketers as it is to B2C? Think again. Your customers are using mobile to do research, make contact and make purchases. Why wouldn’t you be addressing them where they spend a large majority of their time?

The biggest tech shift in years, the “mobile revolution,” as some marketers are calling it, explores the idea that tech companies, app developers and social networks are shifting their business models to accommodate their growing mobile-centric user bases. The fact is, U.S. consumers spend greater than one-fifth of their time consuming media on mobile devices. That number is five times greater than in 2009.

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5 Engaging, Affordable Retail Marketing Ideas

Retail can be a tricky business. More than ever before, it’s important to keep customers happy—as unhappy customers have become quite vocal on social media channels. Customers expect an omnichannel strategy from retailers—even when they’re smaller brands. They want to really experience a product, not just purchase it. That starts with online research, shopping around, sharing with friends (typically via social media), and, hopefully, becoming a brand advocate. Here are five tips to help retailers stay connected to their customers:

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