5 Engaging, Affordable Retail Marketing Ideas

Retail can be a tricky business. More than ever before, it’s important to keep customers happy—as unhappy customers have become quite vocal on social media channels. Customers expect an omnichannel strategy from retailers—even when they’re smaller brands. They want to really experience a product, not just purchase it. That starts with online research, shopping around, sharing with friends (typically via social media), and, hopefully, becoming a brand advocate. Here are five tips to help retailers stay connected to their customers:

  1. Keep the Communication Lines Open with Customers: It’s important that you and your brand stay top-of-mind with your customers. Connect with them via social media, promote your brand via blogs and videos and tailor online and direct advertisements specifically to their shopping preferences.
  2. Bypass Groupon and Utilize Social Media Channels for Your Own Offers: You’ll save money by avoiding third party fees, and you’ll be speaking directly to your current customers—who will likely share with their friends and earn you more followers who can turn into leads. Be very specific about your offer, and make sure it meets your overall business goals while offering customers something worthwhile.
  3. Create a Form/ Card to Request Online Reviews from Customers: When people are shopping around online, they often look for legitimate reviews of companies from previous or current customers. Create a form or card to ask your customers for online reviews on some of the most popular websites (Google Places, Yelp, etc.) and watch your customer base grow.
  4. Introduce a Referral Marketing Program: So your customers are happy—what’s next? By creating a customer referral program, you can bring incentives to both new and existing customers and increase your customer base and conversions. Whether you decide to run this campaign online or via direct mail, it’s a great way to get fresh faces on your client list.
  5. Build a Marketing List that Incorporates Customers and Prospects: Deliver tailored content to these different groups, making sure you know exactly how both act within each stage of the customer lifecycle.

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