Carly Perez Drops In On Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show To Talk Marketing, Design, and Social Media

Creative Marketing Exec, and Mother, Carly Perez takes marketing to the next level with unique business strategies for the social media generation.

Chicago, IL May 2015 Marketing, design and social media guru, Carly Perez was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio.” The program selects from noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe to highlight for their audiences. Perez appeared as a guest on the show to explain her approach to marketing in the mobile age and to discuss how businesses can harness social media engines to their advantage and what makes a good marketing campaign in 2015.  The show aired on a Saturday afternoon in May on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity and The Dave Ramsey Show.Perez spent fifteen years working and observing from some of the best PR and marketing firms in the business, taking notes of what worked and what didn’t, asking questions, and finally developing the business plan that would propel her own firm to a top tier level in the game.  Her approach to strategic brand management and customer development has been an invaluable tool for her clients and has helped to establish Divine Design & Marketing as a Chicago area “go to” firm. Chicago radio show host Mark Imperial asked Perez to share her expertise with his audience.“I’m extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to have this platform to discuss design and marketing.  Chicago is my home and to be acknowledged by a Top 3 radio market in my hometown is humbling,” said Perez.

Part of what makes Divine Design & Marketing so unique is that it is a “touring” design firm.  Divine Design creates corporate and video case studies all over the US to present the best and brightest ideas that highlight the power of cultural and regional diversity.  Acknowledging and incorporating what makes Atlanta unique from Chicago, or New York from LA and then focusing a campaign that will reach people at their emotional core is what her firm does best.

In the interview, Perez talks about what it takes to build a business from the ground floor, and how modern tools can be used to grow and expand a company’s reach beyond the local markets.  She also emphasizes those unique challenges that business leaders face in the tablet and smartphone world, and how those challenges can also be used to a business’ advantage.

Carly Perez has worked to strengthen brands and develop core marketing principles that have helped her clients achieve levels of success they had not seen before.

“I’ve had so much good success working with Carly and the team from Divine Design & Marketing. I’ve worked with them dozens of times. They know the current trends in marketing and know how to leverage those trends. Divine Design has helped me assist my reseller partners to conceptualize and create content that drives the intended results. One of the values of Divine Design & Marketing is that they can help you go from raw idea to results very easily!”


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