Digital Marketing and the Mobile Revolution

Think the digital marketing mobile revolution isn’t as important to B2B marketers as it is to B2C? Think again. Your customers are using mobile to do research, make contact and make purchases. Why wouldn’t you be addressing them where they spend a large majority of their time?

The biggest tech shift in years, the “mobile revolution,” as some marketers are calling it, explores the idea that tech companies, app developers and social networks are shifting their business models to accommodate their growing mobile-centric user bases. The fact is, U.S. consumers spend greater than one-fifth of their time consuming media on mobile devices. That number is five times greater than in 2009.

So how do marketers capitalize on this? Well, of course it’s important to ensure that you have a website that’s mobile-friendly. Perhaps you even have a dedicated microsite that was built specifically with your mobile customers in mind. It’s important to offer mobile consumers the same percentage of advertisements and products/services that they could find on their computers. Customers want access to the big picture on mobile.

Then there’s video. Are your product/services videos optimized for mobile viewing? What about your other content? Is your blog easily readable on a smartphone screen? Do you have specialized mobile e-books and PDFs that are downloadable by most mobile users? Again, you’ll want to give your users the ability to convert as possible. Speaking of conversions, make sure it’s easy for your mobile visitors to understand how to contact you quickly—by phone or email. Your contact forms should also be mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget about PPC ads. How do your customers respond differently on mobile than they do when using a computer? Do they convert earlier or later in the sales funnel? What different steps do they take through the buyer’s journey?

Graphics, graphics, graphics. Say your company/ a designer creates an incredible infographic. Then you can’t see it on a mobile screen. This will frustrate your consumers and lead them elsewhere—maybe even to your competitors.

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