Direct vs. Digital Marketing: Why Both are Winning Strategies

If you’re old enough to remember receiving a piece of mail 20 years ago, perhaps a special card from your grandmother or a letter from a friend, do you remember how that felt? Pretty good, right? Today, you might receive the same letter as an email online, and even your grandmother might be contacting you via social media or email. Digital marketing has really changed the industry, but old school marketing tactics still have their place. Even receiving a direct ad or catalog via mail these days is a more “quaint” experience—and your customers will take more notice than they would have 20 years ago.

Digital marketing, of course, has its place. It’s, for many companies, the primary way you should be addressing your customers. The buying and sales cycles have changed. Customers are now going online to do their own research; they don’t need salespeople to give them all of the information about a product or service. While doing that research, they want to have access to quality content that isn’t too “salesly,” websites that are easy to navigate and real reviews from fellow consumers. Some consumers are even expecting quality ads that are directed at their unique shopping preferences.

The best marketing strategy is one that combines both of these marketing tactics. A logistics company may write a blog or two to get their message out to their B2B customers but should also consider doing a direct mail campaign that targets their unique needs. And this isn’t just true for B2B companies.

For example, a toy company may want to advertise its sales online for parents to see and run targeted PPC ads to get them to convert, but it may also want to send out a catalog or print ad that children can get their hands on and use to request toys directly from their parents.

What it comes down to is really understanding your customers. Where do they get their information? How are they most likely to convert? Consider all of the stages of your customer lifecycle and use direct and digital marketing accordingly.

For more information on how to seamlessly integrate these two forms of marketing, reach out to Divine Design & Marketing, today.

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