Future Focused: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

2016 is officially underway, and Divine Design & Marketing is happy to showcase our top five predictions for digital marketing in the upcoming year based on our recent experiences in the space.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016:

  1. Paid Media and Owned Media Will Continue to Work in Tandem. This year, a trend that involves mixing owned media and paid media to accelerate content distribution has really caught on. It’s a great idea for your company to create lots of great “owned” content, but it’s also worth the time to use “native” advertising to help build an audience and turn their interest into paid conversions.
  2. Marketing and Sales will Continue a Beautiful Partnership: Over the past several years, the marketing industry and sales industry have become closer in their intentions and practices. The practice of marketing (one company to many customers) and sales (one person/company to another person/company) are beginning to use many of the same techniques, such as real-time engagement and content creation. The best sales and marketing “departments” these days actually are combined and work together seamlessly to generate revenue and address the customer.
  3. Strategy Will Take on a Bigger Role: Intelligent marketers will focus less on demand creation and more on organizing and propelling people through the customer journey using storytelling tactics. This is especially true of organizations who choose to hire a particular person as “Chief Digital Officer.”
  4. Professional Writers are the Way to Go: Quality content has been king for a while, and it’s gaining in importance. If your organization doesn’t have the internal resources to create and manage content for your website and business, it’s time to invest in a professional writer or third party writing service.
  5. Mobile is Only Getting Bigger: Many companies seem to be lagging behind in the mobile advertising game, and they’ll want to consider investing more in this space as time goes on. With more users going mobile for Google (and Bing) searches, it’s important that your designs and copy are hitting all of the right mobile “notes.” If you have trouble optimizing for mobile, consider consulting a third party.

These are only five of the amazing marketing tactics we expect to see in 2015, but they are five very important ones. For more information about how you can up your company’s marketing game, don’t hesitate to contact Divine Design & Marketing, today.

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