Tips on How to create a Video Case Study

Video case studies are one of the newest, most popular and, in many cases, most potent forms of marketing and branding. They add authenticity to any marketing campaign as their message, in most cases, is coming from customers and not directly from your sales team or marketing department.

They also visually highlight unique features and advantages that your products and services offer (rather than just telling them) and, if done well, can be quite engaging and entertaining, both of which will increase the public’s affinity for your brand.

If you’re considering using video case studies, here are several Tips to keep in mind during the creative process. 


Tip 1: Know what you’re marketing
Question; do you know what unique problem your customers have and, more importantly, how your product/service solves that problem? If you can’t answer succinctly and specifically, you need to sit down with your people and find the answer to these vitally important questions first, before moving ahead with the project. Solving a customer problem should be the focus of any video case study, and if you don’t know what that problem is, your message won’t be as powerful as it could be.


Tip 2: Prepare, research and do your due diligence
OK, you’ve been in business X amount of years and you consider yourself, and your company, experts at what you do. Great. Now forget all of that and focus on what your end-market, what the consumer, wants and/or needs. Send out questionnaires, create surveys, ask questions and get feedback from as many customers as possible. Find out what they LOVE about your products / services and what they don’t. Knowing this info will help immensely in your video case study creation process.


Tip 3: Get out in the field and get to know your market
You’d be amazed at how many companies manufacture great products but never actually see them in action, being used by consumers in the manner they were intended. Many business owners, when seeing how consumers use their products, are amazed at the different new uses that customers have come up with, and bring all sorts of new ideas back to their creative team. So get out there and see what the public’s doing with your product!

Hopefully these 3 Tips have been helpful. Of course, as Video Case Study experts, the team here at DivineDesign can certainly help you create an excellent, engaging and brand strengthening video case study (so that, you know, you don’t have to do all that work yourself).

If you’d like to know more, please send us an email and we’ll be glad to let you know exactly how the process works, and get started ASAP.



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