Using Social Media to Brand your Business as the Leading Industry Resource

Many business owners still don’t really know how to use Social Media to build, brand and create an affinity for their business. The truth is, there’s so much about social media, and so many ways that it can be used, but it can be a little bit overwhelming. That being said, there’s one way to use social media that’s excellent for practically any type of business and, even better, will increase the affinity that business has among consumers and help to brand it as the “go to” source for information about their particular industry, product or service.

What we’re referring to is using social media to become a resource that people can rely on when they need information about something specific or, depending on what your business does, something general or something in between.

You see, many people use search engines when they’re looking for information, like Google and Yahoo, but they also go to social media to do the same thing, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

The advantage that social media has over a search engine like Google is simply that, where Google presents them with dry facts and links alone, on your particular Facebook page (for example) customers can find information and, if they have questions, ask them and get answers. Sometimes they can do this very quickly, depending on whether you have a staffer keeping an eye on your Facebook page every day.

The difference then being that, unlike Google, social media sites like Facebook allow you to have more of an interaction with customers.

Social media sites also allow you to update your Facebook (or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or whatever site you use) page as often as you like with new, interesting, entertaining information that people will (hopefully) find valuable.

If you provide information on a regular basis, and content that is truly helpful, gives people the answers they need to solve a problem or, in some cases, is simply entertaining, in time you’ll build a reputation as being the company that gives great answers and really likes to help customers, something that will go very far towards increasing sales as you might imagine.

In short, you’ll become the leading industry resource for answers in your particular industry, something that can build brand awareness and create a fond affinity for your company among consumers.

If you have questions about how to set up a social media page for your business, how to use social media to brand your business and increase sales, or general questions about social media itself, please send us an email or give us a call and one of the social media experts here at DivineDesign will get back to you with advice and answers ASAP.

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