What are Multi-Touch Campaigns and why are they so much better than Single-Touch?

When it comes to marketing, no matter what type of product or service you’re selling, the most important task that needs to be accomplished is reaching the end-consumer and convincing them to make a purchase. Reaching the consumer is called a “touch” and traditionally has been accomplished using media like TV, radio and newspapers.

In the last couple of decades that has changed drastically of course. The Internet has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, e-mail and text message marketing have as well, and social media has also become quite popular and potent.

Reaching out and contacting customers has thus never been easier, but many business owners are still confused and frustrated when they reach out using, for example, an e-mail “blast”, only to find that their results aren’t nearly as good as they thought they would be.

The reason for those poor results is simple; with only 1 touch, it’s highly unlikely that a consumer will have gained the trust and confidence needed to make a purchase. In simpler terms, it’s difficult to convince someone to purchase a service or product after only contacting them once.

One e-mail, one telephone call, one text message or one tweet simply isn’t enough, and that’s why, for the best results from any marketing campaign, making that campaign a “multi-touch” campaign is much better, and delivers significantly higher results and ROI.

For example, combining e-mail with direct mail such as a postcard, social media content on Facebook and a direct phone call will greatly increase your results, interest and, ultimately, sales. Research has shown that, in order to influence a consumer enough to make a purchase decision, it takes between 5 and 12 touches, depending on the type of media you’re using.

A marketing campaign that combines excellent online content, powerful e-mail messages, interesting and helpful blog articles, social media interaction and direct mail will certainly involve more time, effort and investment, but the ROI will be markedly higher every time, and definitely better than any single touch campaign could ever hope to accomplish.

Here at DivineDesign we specialize in multitouch campaigns using all of the marketing tools above and more. It’s been our experience that the most successful campaigns combine a combination of marketing tools in order to introduce customers to a product or service, build their trust, confidence and affinity, and convince them to make a purchase. It’s also been our experience that, If done correctly, multiple purchases will result.

If you’d like to find out more about our multitouch campaign services, please let us know by dropping us an e-mail or giving us a call and one of our multi-touch experts will answer any and all questions that you might have and get the ball rolling on your next multi-touch campaign.

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