4 New Year Marketing Game Changers for Both Big and Small Businesses

Virtually every business across the globe was rocked by the many changes this year. From the global pandemic to social unrest to a myriad of new changes we have all learned to adapt to new working spaces, constraints, and demands; however, small and medium-sized businesses may have taken the biggest hit.  Several reports indicate that 1 in 4 growing companies was forced to downsize while less than half did not receive appropriate aid to remain afloat. As we celebrate the holidays and look to the next year, our creative teams wanted to take the time and thank every business that has remained resilient through what was one of the hardest years in history. 

While the 2021 outlook may seem daunting for most, we’re continuing to partner with a variety of clients, which is why we’re presenting four-game changer strategies that can be implemented by small and large businesses alike to tackle 2021 with confidence. To start making the most out of 2020’s obstacles, we recommend…

Prioritizing User Reviews

Prioritizing User Reviews
Prioritizing User Reviews

Studies suggest that as much as 90% of customers avoid finalizing purchases if there are no reviews or testimonials available. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, first-hand testimonials can help validate a product and service’s quality while allowing customers to identify themselves with other similar clients, boosting brand identity.

Digitizing Communications

Digitizing Communications
Digitizing Communications

Over half of today’s workforce is composed of digital natives who prefer online communication. A few ways to integrate digital-first communications would be to:

  • Start blogging – Providing a bigger landscape to present your thoughts, blogging can bring you closer to your customers by presenting thought-leader articles and findings that appeal to their interests and needs.
  • Invest in social media marketing – Over 240 million people use social media in the U.S alone, which explains the rapid growth of social media marketing across industries. Outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can help shape your brand’s online presence while leveraging platforms’ algorithms to generate targeted leads.
  • Integrate chatbots and live chats – At least 79% of consumers cite live chats as a preferable mode of communication since it offers the fastest response rates. Live chats also empower employees to deliver personalized service so customers feel valued as they can count on human touch for assistance despite today’s mass digitization.

Establishing SEO for Voice Search

As e-commerce continues to dominate the global marketplace, voice searches are also expected to continue replacing the norm, which means SEO strategies must adapt to incorporate key questions in addition to keywords.

Integrating Stories

Almost every social media platform today has integrated some sort of version of story videos in addition to their feed posts. These stories have a greater likelihood of being watched and can double impressions compared to brands that don’t utilize them. Both large and small businesses can benefit from story videos as they provide a live perspective of your brand, your team, and your product.

No matter which strategy you choose, the underlying goal should always be adaptability and agility to transform a challenge into an opportunity. Reach out to our creative team to get an inside look into more ways you can adapt your marketing strategy and make the most out of change in the new year.

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