Looking Back to Look Ahead: How the Past Year Made us Ready for Action

2020 may be over, but the effects of what was a historical year are still very much alive. Facing both possibilities and uncertainties, we want to take the time to emphasize the most important lessons that have strengthened our commitment to creativity. To overcome new challenges, we’ve worked with many clients in reshaping their strategies and reprioritizing their goals. Here are the top six changes we implemented and plan to carry forward into the new year:

  • Online Persona – Before ever meeting face-to-face, B2B buyers spend almost one third of their time independently researching a brand online. While social media and online blogging have always been crucial to establishing thought leadership, new trends such as employee speakers and serialized videos have helped put a face to the brand. When live-action video was inaccessible, unique character animations have also helped accomplish the same goal.
  • Remarketing Ads paired with Retargeting – Since 2017, studies have shown that at least 70% of customers who engage with a remarketing ad are more likely to convert on a website. That’s why we paired them with retargeting efforts to assist stalled purchases/leads. This involves personalized emails and even videos that reaffirm remarketing ads based on previous clicks to narrow your audience, which has led to +60 generated leads in a shorter time span.
  • Live Chat – In the age of instant gratification, live chats have bridged the gap between tech support teams and customers both new and recurrent. Live chats became a popular option as it empowers customers to open communication channels based on their own needs, further personalizing online experiences without unnecessary efforts or spending.
  • Podcasts – In a span of a year, more than half of the nation reported listening to podcasts, and that number is only expected to grow. Moreover, 65% of podcast listeners use their smartphone or tablet to listen to podcasts, meaning content must be mobile-friendly and available on popular mobile apps before anywhere else. Consequently, we embarked on several podcast journeys, creating insightful media that could be shared as both a video (the top online marketing tool) and as a podcast on platforms such as iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify.
  • Greater Verification and List Clean-Up – Contrary to popular belief, account-based mailers were still popular in 2020, yet successful campaigns required intense list scrubbing and verification since contacts may not always be working from an office anymore. By revisiting contact and email lists either via telemarketing or email integrated in the ABM campaign, you can certify mailers and assets will reach the right person at the right time for the right effect.
  • Portfolio Microsites – 2020 was all about doing more with less, which is why portfolio-styled sites, featuring full solution briefs and resources gained a lot of traction as businesses were able to provide an in-depth picture with less scrolling. Portfolio microsites also proved to be extremely user-friendly since they resemble common streaming services. For samples, contact us here.

Simply put, creative adaptability empowers businesses to thrive in the middle of challenges. Paired with a greater emphasis on digital marketing campaigns -such as emails, blogs, social media, and continuous SEO- these new strategies enhanced business transactions by:

  • Generating more leads within a smaller time frame, sometimes as little as 6 weeks.
  • Increasing site traffic as several digital assets are anchored to one common webpage.
  • Establishing a visually recognizable brand independent of a company’s logo.
  • Fostering business connections with new brands to expand service and product portfolio
  • Nurturing current businesses relationships with face-to-face connections via different online platforms

While every campaign yielded different results, they all illustrate the benefits of creative risk-taking. To see how each initiative impacted ROI, or for other new ideas and suggestions, reach out to our creative teams for more information and free samples.