How to Save Your Marketing Strategy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

There’s a good chance that your marketing department was the first sector to receive budget cuts during the COVID-19 epidemic. Over half of surveyed US marketers reported delaying campaigns in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, yet now, seven months into a new normal, it’s clear that like many things, competitive marketing must adapt in order to remain relevant in today’s landscape. 

From in-person meetings to traveling case studies, several core foundations of engaging marketing have been put on halt, but that doesn’t mean your marketing strategy should pause. Instead, we turn to digital marketing.

Providing a contact-free communication gateway to your audience, digital marketing allows you to continue reaching clients remotely without augmenting expenses. Moreover, it’s fully adaptable to change and continues to harness the power of creative collaboration. However, similar to conventional marketing strategies, digital marketing should be tailored to include the following crucial factors:

Organic Personalization

Organic Personalization for your computer or mobile device
Personalized web experiences allow your audience to see themselves as part of your brand’s voice

Past studies have found that 82% of customers believe that personalized content influences loyalty. That’s why efficient digital marketing campaigns should go beyond a personalized name on the subject line. A few organic personalization initiatives include:

  • Remarketing Ads – These online advertisements help you gather more data while strategically putting ads in front of potential customers as they browse through Google and its partner websites. By keeping connected with users after they leave your website, you are able to create a personalized web experience that extends beyond your original website since users will see products/services relevant to their past activity.
  • Facebook Targeted Ads – Social media is the perfect landscape for personalized content since most platforms do the heavy work for you. In fact, targeted social media ads can help double (and at times triple) click-through rates for repeat visitors who are already submerged in personally relevant content presented on social media platforms.
  • Personalized Web Experiences – Personalized landing pages and conversational chatbots can help the audience see themselves as part of your brand’s voice. Furthermore, by narrowing your audience, it’s easier to see them as people instead of numbers, further nurturing business relationships.
  • Data Generation – Superfluous questionnaires will almost certainly drive your clients away, but a few questions sprinkled throughout the web experience can help you gather data while demonstrating goodwill towards your audience. While there are several kinds of web services dedicated to generating data, make sure to choose one that allows you to track email opens, page clicks, and purchase patterns through multiple channels.

Expanding Brand Awareness through Video

Expanding Brand Awareness through Video
According to Google viewers spend more time on YouTube than TV networks.

Product is no longer your customer’s sole interest in seeking business since they can no longer experience products first-hand as they did before. However, this predicament is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity more prominently. One way companies have leveraged this opportunity through digital marketing is by incorporating video

According to Google, viewers spend more time on YouTube than TV networks. Moreover, 66% of consumers prefer to watch short informational videos over reading about a product. To expand brand awareness efficiently videos should be:

  • Short, preferably under 2 minutes – Most viewers will most likely tune out after the first 30-45 seconds.
  • Comprehensible without sound92% of viewers report watching videos without sound, relying on captions to understand videos.
  • Sharable via social media – Video content is 6 times more likely to be shared via Twitter, and because customers are more likely to watch your video on a mobile device, content should be ready for sharing.

Nimble Communication Patterns

Nimble Communication Patterns
Your digital marketing strategy should empower your communications

The turn of the decade has proven that change can happen fast and frequently. Your digital marketing strategy should empower you to meet expectations while staying updated to new changes as close to real-time as possible. That’s where our writers and designers come in, working either independently or alongside your current marketing team to:

  • Preserve an email cadence that fosters growing open rates
  • Create timely blogging content that addresses today’s issues and trends
  • Design an amiable yet leading social media presence that responds quickly to change

Times have changed, but have you changed with it? Contact us today to see how your digital marketing strategy fares in the new normal and make the most out of change.