Community Shoutout: Come visit the RM Business Buzz

For the past 20 years, Divine Design has been an active member of the Rolling Meadows community in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. That’s why when given the opportunity to help our local businesses, we partnered up with The City of Rolling Meadows to design and deliver the RM Business Buzz – your online gateway to our community’s local businesses, events, coupons, and more. 

While a lot has changed with the ongoing health crisis, our community’s resilience has only grown stronger. To maximize brand engagement while protecting customers, we provided a safe digital space where businesses of every shape and size can showcase their services.

How it’s done:

Rolling Meadows Bell Tower
Rolling Meadows Bell Tower

The City of Rolling Meadows has over 70 local businesses, each navigating through the effects of a new highly digitized world. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use, eye-catching site that could adapt and grow with the community’s needs. To do this, we used:

  • Brief, customized copywriting to fit each business category
  • Visually appealing design that reflects the community 
  • User-friendly display that allows each business to retain their branding
  • Simplistic administration tools for seamless future updates on offers, events, and new businesses

Once every piece was put in place, we were able to assist companies in becoming a part of the city’s new initiative. The entire admission process takes less than a few days. Not only can businesses join the directory, they can also display special offers and coupons while updating news and events that affect the city. 

Needless to say, after much work, Divine Design is also proud to be a member of the RM Business Buzz. Find our newest special offer here and get connected with the community. 

There are a million ways to turn your web service into a unique and engaging experience. Reach out to our team for more examples and ideas that adapt to our new world.