We’re one of the top 15 Marketing Agencies in Naperville (Thanks to you!)

At Divine Design, our teams are always passionate about channeling creativity into reality. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the Top 15 Social Marketing Agencies in the Naperville area. Researchers at Expertise have rated our social media services based on the criteria below:

Expertise Top 15 Social Media Marketing Agencies with Divine Design Marketing
Expertise Top 15 Divine Design Marketing Showcase
  • Reputation – Selected agencies have demonstrated a history of superior customer service with verified client satisfaction. To be fair, we do have amazing customers. 
  • Credibility –  In addition to credible customer feedback, rated agencies possess relevant accreditations, rewards, and licenses. A few of our accreditations include the 2017-2019 International Women’s Leadership Award, the 2018-2020 City of Rolling Meadows Certificate of Appreciation for community events and programs, and the 2017 Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce Communications Partner of the Year. 
  • Experience – Our teams have been continuously devoted to creative expression for years. Moreover, we embrace diverse backgrounds, ranging from practical experience to higher education degrees, all working together to provide the best customer experience. 
  • Availability – When it comes to availability, we strive to maintain as many open channels of communication as possible that adapt to your preferences. Our response time averages between 0 to 3 business days.
  • Professionalism – Working either independently or alongside other marketing teams, our staff is always professional, goal-focused, and definitely caffeinated.

Of course, our success comes from amazing team efforts and even more amazing customers. We’re looking forward to the many more opportunities we’ll create together. 

Top 15 Social Marketing Agencies in Naperville
Top 15 Social Marketing Agencies in Naperville

To learn more about this award, contact us here.