Carly Perez Drops In On Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show To Talk Marketing, Design, and Social Media

Creative Marketing Exec, and Mother, Carly Perez takes marketing to the next level with unique business strategies for the social media generation.

Chicago, IL May 2015 Marketing, design and social media guru, Carly Perez was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio.”
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Let 2015 Trends Inform Your 2016 Digital Marketing Strategy

If you read our last blog, you know that we’ve made some digital marketing predictions for 2016. But how did we come to these conclusions? In addition to our own experiences, we paid close attention to the trends of 2015 and how they changed over the course of last year. Here are a few tips you can learn for 2016 from last year’s biggest marketing trends:

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Direct vs. Digital Marketing: Why Both are Winning Strategies

If you’re old enough to remember receiving a piece of mail 20 years ago, perhaps a special card from your grandmother or a letter from a friend, do you remember how that felt? Pretty good, right? Today, you might receive the same letter as an email online, and even your grandmother might be contacting you via social media or email. Digital marketing has really changed the industry, but old school marketing tactics still have their place. Even receiving a direct ad or catalog via mail these days is a more “quaint” experience—and your customers will take more notice than they would have 20 years ago.

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Digital Marketing and the Mobile Revolution

Think the digital marketing mobile revolution isn’t as important to B2B marketers as it is to B2C? Think again. Your customers are using mobile to do research, make contact and make purchases. Why wouldn’t you be addressing them where they spend a large majority of their time?

The biggest tech shift in years, the “mobile revolution,” as some marketers are calling it, explores the idea that tech companies, app developers and social networks are shifting their business models to accommodate their growing mobile-centric user bases. The fact is, U.S. consumers spend greater than one-fifth of their time consuming media on mobile devices. That number is five times greater than in 2009.

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5 Engaging, Affordable Retail Marketing Ideas

Retail can be a tricky business. More than ever before, it’s important to keep customers happy—as unhappy customers have become quite vocal on social media channels. Customers expect an omnichannel strategy from retailers—even when they’re smaller brands. They want to really experience a product, not just purchase it. That starts with online research, shopping around, sharing with friends (typically via social media), and, hopefully, becoming a brand advocate. Here are five tips to help retailers stay connected to their customers:

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Using Social Media to Brand your Business as the Leading Industry Resource

Many business owners still don’t really know how to use Social Media to build, brand and create an affinity for their business. The truth is, there’s so much about social media, and so many ways that it can be used, but it can be a little bit overwhelming. That being said, there’s one way to use social media that’s excellent for practically any type of business and, even better, will increase the affinity that business has among consumers and help to brand it as the “go to” source for information about their particular industry, product or service.

What we’re referring to is using social media to become a resource that people can rely on when they need information about something specific or, depending on what your business does, something general or something in between.

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What are Multi-Touch Campaigns and why are they so much better than Single-Touch?

When it comes to marketing, no matter what type of product or service you’re selling, the most important task that needs to be accomplished is reaching the end-consumer and convincing them to make a purchase. Reaching the consumer is called a “touch” and traditionally has been accomplished using media like TV, radio and newspapers.

In the last couple of decades that has changed drastically of course. The Internet has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, e-mail and text message marketing have as well, and social media has also become quite popular and potent.

Reaching out and contacting customers has thus never been easier, but many business owners are still confused and frustrated when they reach out using, for example, an e-mail “blast”, only to find that their results aren’t nearly as good as they thought they would be.

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Tips on How to create a Video Case Study

Video case studies are one of the newest, most popular and, in many cases, most potent forms of marketing and branding. They add authenticity to any marketing campaign as their message, in most cases, is coming from customers and not directly from your sales team or marketing department.

They also visually highlight unique features and advantages that your products and services offer (rather than just telling them) and, if done well, can be quite engaging and entertaining, both of which will increase the public’s affinity for your brand.

If you’re considering using video case studies, here are several Tips to keep in mind during the creative process. 

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Explainer Videos – An engaging, potent marketing tool

Here at DivineDesign one of the services we provide is creating Explainer Videos for our clients. While the name might seem self-explanatory (no pun intended) many people don’t realize how an explainer video works, or what purpose it serves.

Simply put, an explainer video explains something about your business using a combination of words, pictures, animations, photographs and illustrations, all recorded on video. 

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